Mexico Manufacturing Companies Increase Aerospace Production

One of the better kept secrets from America’s southern neighbor is the stealth-like growth of the aerospace industry among Mexico Manufacturing Companies. While other countries may have gotten more attention for aerospace development, Mexico has quietly been increasing their own capacity. Indeed, an astonishing 260 aerospace companies are now part of the Mexico manufacturing companies’ storehouse, contributing a whopping $4.3 billion in aircraft parts and production in 2011, with a target of $12 billion by 2020. Besides significant presence in Queretaro, cluster production sectors include the Tijuana-Mexicali region near the U.S. border, Chihuahua in the northwest, with smaller areas situated in Monterrey and the port city of Guaymas. And while Mexico manufacturing companies do not provide for its defense needs directly, that dream is not far from becoming reality since they currently make about every component for jetliners and helicopters, which includes jet turbines and fuselages.

U.S. and international aerospace companies that are currently manufacturing in Mexico include Hawker Beechcraft, Gulfstream Aerospace, General Electric, Textron and Honewell, Safran Group, Bombardier Aerospace, Fokker and Aemnova. Further contributing to Mexico’s aerospace industry is its own investment in labor capacity, international agreements and education. While pumping out 3 times more engineers per capita than the U.S, when requiring more technicians, the National Aeronautics University began a special training program. With a current labor pool of 31,000 aerospace workers, the goal is to have 110,000 by 2020. Along with increased focus on development of composite materials, greater cluster development including labor, it’s just a matter of time before Mexico becomes an aviation powerhouse in its own right.

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