Entrada Group and Mexico Manufacturing: Your Perfect Match


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Entrada Group and Mexico Manufacturing: Your Perfect Match

This time of year, relationships and compatibility are top of mind. At our next monthly webinar, we’ll go into detail about how the powerful combination of Entrada Group and Mexico Manufacturing provides these five key benefits, offering the right match for your company.  

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1  Cost-Competitive and Available Labor

Labor availability in the United States is a big and growing problem. Over the last two years, a large number of people have exited the workforce, for a variety of reasons. And that will not change for at least the next 10 years as one-quarter of baby boomers are projected to retire from the manufacturing workforce alone.  

Not to mention that manufacturers are now competing for labor with retail, restaurants, Amazon, and others that were never such a big threat before. 

2  Close Proximity to Your Customer Base in North America 

Outsourcing halfway around the world poses some real challenges. The already long supply chain continues to lengthen, causing delivery delays unlike anything we have ever experienced. In addition, between travel restrictions and transit times, farflung site visits are both costly and time-consuming. 

3  Greater Production Capacity 

Due to the stressed supply chain and labor shortages, manufacturers are forced to operate far below maximum production capacity, further exacerbating long delivery times and higher costs. 

4  Long-Term, Sustainable Growth 

Short-term supply chain solutions often come with a high price tag and do not provide a sustainable solution that will lead to future growth. These temporary remedies may even lead to unforeseen consequences such as product quality.  

5  Risk Mitigation 

The world has unfortunately experienced what can happen when something like a global pandemic hits. Many companies did not have a crisis management plan and were not prepared to pivot so substantially or quickly.  

If any of these made your list, then Entrada Group’s Base of Operations in Mexico could be the solution.

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