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Manufacturing in Mexico

Entrada’s manufacturing solution keeps you free to focus on growth. While you are building your top line, Entrada partners with your manufacturing team to create an offshore manufacturing operation that you control and we support – quickly!

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Covers the major points: legal, workforce, operating costs , supply chain and materials sourcing.
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Decrease your direct and indirect labor costs and scale down your overhead costs with Entrada’s manufacturing in Mexico solution.

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As a U.S. based company with 20 years of experience teaming with international manufacturers in Mexico, we understand your manufacturing concerns and the issues that may unsettle you about manufacturing in Mexico. In addition, our clients are available to discuss with you their experience with Entrada and the country of Mexico.

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Control Is Yours

Entrada’s Mexico manufacturing solution is designed for you to always control your manufacturing system and processes and for Entrada to support you by managing the key administrative functions as well as all issues with the Mexican government. The result is a keenly competitive Mexico manufacturing option.

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Entrada Group offers small-to-midsize manufacturers expanding to Mexico a proven, turnkey system for long-term growth. The Entrada system enables manufacturers to: swiftly establish production capabilities at lower cost and risk; operate within secure manufacturing campuses and facilities strategically located in north and central Mexico; and focus on and control production while enjoying the benefits of Entrada’s shared service operations.