Celaya - In the Heart of Mexico’s Fastest-expanding Manufacturing Region

Your Future Campus

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Celaya: Mexico's Hub of 21st Century Manufacturing

Entrada’s 60-acre Celaya campus features 70,000 sq. ft. of advanced manufacturing space, strategically positioned to help you serve your clients. Manufacturers from industries spanning automotive, aerospace, medical device and consumer electronics produce in and around Celaya, and these multinationals rely on tier-two and three suppliers like you to support their growth.

Celaya is in the state of Guanajuato, which features 70% of Mexico’s international trade and 70% of its automotive production. Additionally, Guanajuato is a powerful logistics center thanks to excellent roads, railroads and an international airport. This transport network ensures direct connections to the U.S., the Pacific and the Gulf.

Your Home Away From Home

Your Home Away From Home

Your new manufacturing home in Celaya is within minutes of several international schools. It boasts a cosmopolitan environment with recreational and lifestyle amenities equivalent to what you likely find in your home country.