Grow Successfully

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Grow Successfully

Your focus is on the sustained growth of your business. Optimally supporting your growth is our business. Entrada’s Manufacturing Support Platform permits you to concentrate on production and service, and gives you the freedom to seize new business and conquer global markets.

Here’s how Entrada Group supports your growth

Plant Infrastructure and Security

Entrada owns more than 100 acres of land in its two manufacturing campuses in Mexico, offering state-of-the-art facilities that permit total flexibility as you grow. 24/7 IT support, security and maintenance are available to all campus manufacturers.

Human Resources

Entrada oversees all recruiting and staffing, labor relations, medical services and benefit administration, and enables you to grow or reduce your labor count as demand requires.


Entrada identifies class of pay, supervises times and attendance and federal housing reporting, and pays taxes, benefits and Social Security, all in full compliance with Mexican labor law.


Entrada has C-TPAT and Mexican Custom Certifications, eliminating potential holdups in shipping goods and materials to and from your Mexico manufacturing operation.


We coordinate all truck movements daily and make it cost effective for you by negotiating volume pricing with the transportation vendors.


As part of Entrada’s shared business services, we can assist you in sourcing and purchasing at a discount indirect materials and services in Mexico.

Financial & Accounting Services

Entrada is your financial and legal entity of record in Mexico, providing you with the financial and legal support you need to get ahead and stay competitive.

Government & Community Affairs

Entrada handles all bureaucratic and workforce issues in Mexico. This includes grants for workforce training, negotiating advantageous contracts with the appropriate authorities, and special Customs programs that facilitate the diversity of our clients’ products manufactured in Mexico.

Environmental Health & Safety

Entrada provides fit-up, day-to-day maintenance of the facilities and 24/7 park security. We also will build new facilities that suit your needs and support expansion plans as you grow.