Mexico Advantages

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Mexico Manufacturing Industries

Many successful industries rely heavily on a Mexico manufacturing footprint. Here are four sectors that have a particularly strong presence in the country, with abundant opportunity for expansion.


The growing number of investment projects by multinational aerospace companies has turned Mexico into one of the most competitive and strategic destinations for aerospace manufacturing and sourcing services worldwide. Engine component manufacturing leads in this space, which is good news for suppliers as it requires electrical systems such as harnesses, cables and connectors from locally sourced production facilities.

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Automotive production has cemented Mexico’s reputation as a leading manufacturing hub for the Americas. Today, Mexico is the eighth-largest automobile producer in the world. Currently 9 of the 10 major global automotive OEMs have operations in Mexico, presenting an opportunity for foreign suppliers that have a Mexico presence or are willing to establish one. OEMs and Tier Ones are searching for auto suppliers that can provide them with quality and reliable products.

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Heavy Vehicles

Mexico produces more than $13 billion worth of heavy vehicles annually, making it one of the leading manufacturers of heavy trucks, buses and other large off-highway vehicles. OEMs and Tier Ones alike in Mexico have expressed a growing need for a more robust in-country supply base, as this study by Entrada Group illustrates .

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Wire Harness

While not an industry in its own right, wire harness production and Mexico are an ideal match. Because Mexico is logistically well connected to the U.S. and Canada by road and rail, wire harness producers can be conveniently close to end customers. Other benefits include shelter services, 3PL companies and other providers who’ve customize their offerings to fit in-country needs. These advantages offer new wire harness entrants scalability, as they piggyback onto existing structures and services.

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