The 9 Reasons Mexico AND Entrada Group Are the Solution for Private Equity (Part 2)


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The 9 Reasons Mexico AND Entrada Group Are the Solution for Private Equity (Part 2)

By Jay Winkler (click to book a meeting with Jay)

In part one, we examined the first four reasons why the combination of Mexico manufacturing and Entrada Group are the optimal solution for private equity firms that either have a manufacturer in their portfolio or would like to add one. Here we explore reasons 5-9… 

Reason 5: Entrada Group’s 20+ years of Mexico experience   

All above strengths of Mexico are irrelevant if the manufacturer in your portfolio is hesitant to setup Mexico operations due to lack of knowledge of the country. Fortunately, Entrada Group has been guiding international manufacturers in setting up and running their own operations in Mexico for over two decades. We handle all non-production-related manufacturing support for our clients, including serving as entity of record in the country, labor and Human Resources, compliance, import/export and infrastructure. This expertise leads to… 

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Reason 6: Accelerated startup and value creation in Mexico  

Because Entrada Group has a long and successful track record in Mexico, we are able to guide and manage manufacturers through an extremely quick setup and launch in the country. Our clients can be in production in their own facility in Mexico in months, not years. As a PE firm that partners with Entrada Group, the manufacturers in your portfolio would gain nearly instant access to facilities, operational infrastructure, labor and fast-track import/export clearances. Entrada’s experienced project management team works in tandem with PE firms to build out and launch operations quickly using proven frameworks. All helping drive faster value creation. 

Reason 7: Entrada mitigates risk 

PE firms can achieve peace of mind knowing that Entrada handles all elements of Mexico compliance and legal requirements, so no blind spots remain for the manufacturer in your portfolio. All eyes are focused on value-creation goals. 

Reason 8: Entrada’s approach is NOT contract manufacturing 

Similar to how private equity firms deploy an expert operating team to drive improved value to portfolio companies, Entrada Group manages the specific requirements and complexities of Mexico to de-risk and accelerate operational setup and the value creation of its PE clients. In other words, Entrada becomes your operating partner in Mexico, but not your contract manufacturer, so you can manage your portfolio company to success, faster. 

Entrada Group supports your growth

Reason 9: Entrada’s location off-border 

Finally, Entrada’s two manufacturing campuses in the nation’s booming interior and away from the border. These strategically chosen locations further reduce labor costs, which might be 20% higher in cities and towns near the border, where labor competition is stiffer 

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