Manufacturing In Mexico Promoted By Germany’s Christian Wulff

Manufacturing In Mexico is experiencing greater economic promotion as described by German President Christian Wulff, after a recent meeting between himself and Mexico’s President Felipe Calderon. The two nations enjoy a rich tradition of ‘mutual friendship and admiration’ says Wulff.  He continues by stating efforts to seek further industrial expansion as any manufacturer in Mexico dealing with the two countries can attest. In fact, Germany has more than 1,200 firms currently operating in Mexico (the 14th largest economy in the world), providing 130,000 jobs in such diverse industries as car manufacturing to pharmaceuticals and chemicals.

While Germany is looking to increase greater overall economic ties in Latin America, Mexico in particular stands out, having made great strides in global initiatives such as climate change and assisting in restructuring the global financial system. Wulff also praised Mexico’s recent efforts in fighting organized crime and offered support by looking to reduce German demand for drugs coming from Latin America.  Additionally Wulff acknowledged efforts to help combat money laundering as a part of this role, thereby reducing any deleterious effects on manufacturing in Mexico. President Wulff also thanked the U.S. security forces for killing Osama Bin Laden, believing it can have an important effect in reducing what he describes as ‘inhuman terrorism” on the world scene.


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