Manufacturing In Mexico Supported By Strong Foreign Direct Investment

Manufacturing In Mexico continues its substantial growth pattern due to consistently rising direct foreign investment activity.  According to Mexico’s Ministry of Economy, 4.8 billion dollars was pumped into the Mexican economy in the 1st quarter of 2011, up 10.5% from 2010 for the same time period.  Notably, it is the foreign manufacturer in Mexico sector that accounts for a whopping 54% of this growth, with the United States contributing 85% of direct foreign investment in the overall increase.  Other categories receiving foreign investment, experience significantly smaller increases, with commerce garnering 18% and mining 12% of the investments.

At a recent meeting with multinational business leaders President Felipe Calderon stated that “manufacturing in Mexico plays a compelling role in strengthening Mexico’s economy”.  ProMexico’s Carlos Guzman went on to indicate that the United Nation’s Economic Commission for Latin America supports Mexico’s economic recovery: with a 16.6% foreign investment in 2010 and talk of further growth including Walmart de Mexico’s planned opening of 50 new stores, opportunities for further investment in Mexico continue to expand.


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