Latin Automotive Market Demand Fuels Mexico Manufacturer

Many a Mexico Manufacturer is enjoying the seemingly unstoppable demand for automotives produced in Mexico for export to other Latin countries.  Brazil seems to be the strongest market demand yet all of Latin American has fueled the largest increase in automotive production—a whopping 14% increase in the first six months of 2011 – in Mexican automotive manufacturing history.  Nissan claims Mexico as one of its fastest growth markets with Volkswagen not far behind, investing $400 million to re-fit its Puebla facility for Beetle production, 90% of the 100,000 vehicles they’ll produce to be exported.

In a TorqueNews reported released in August of 2011, Honda announced its intention to invest $800 million in Guanajuato where as a Mexico manufacturer they will build small cars for the lucrative U.S. market.  Significantly, between Volkswagen and Honda alone, they will employ 5,200 employees, further stimulating the Mexican economy and its productive labor force.  Not to be outdone, Mazda, who has been operating as a Mexico manufacturer for the past several years, announced it will invest $500 million to build a new plant in Guanajuato as well, adding another 3,000 employees by 2013.  It is little wonder Toyota and Audi are considering moves to Mexico as well where cheaper labor and proximity to profitable markets are in evidence.


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