Don’t let the NY State Minimum Wage Act threaten your business.

Meet with our US-based Mexico expert, JP McDaris, for an in-person, tailored Mexico Cost Model analysis. Our last visit was a success, so we are organizing a second New York tour the week of September 10, 2018.  

During the 30-minute meeting we will:

Show how cost competitive Mexico can be, even compared against domestic alternatives
Predict your Mexico operating costs
Benchmark against similar producers already in Mexico

Our visits with manufacturing owners and executives revealed that many are concerned about rising wages in New York state. Mexico solves many of those worries, with abundant affordable labor, a young and talented workforce, technical training and professional development, and proximity to key U.S. markets.

Better still, we’ll share with you how Mexico isn’t just about cost savings, but about new growth opportunity. Find out how your company can not only survive but compete!

Schedule a Cost Model Meeting

If the week of September 10 doesn’t fit your schedule, you can sign up for one of our upcoming webinars!

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Director, Business Development
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Entrada Group guides international manufacturers in establishing and running their own Mexico production, enhancing global competitiveness. Our manufacturing support platform and our strategically positioned, cost-competitive manufacturing campuses give small- and mid-sized international companies a production footprint for the North American market, with less cost and risk. As your Mexico experts, we handle all your general and administrative support services, giving you freedom to focus on quality and business growth.