Benefits of Entrada’s Manufacturing Support Platform for the Wire Harness Sector


Benefits of Entrada’s Manufacturing Support Platform for the Wire Harness Sector

Wire harness sector manufacturingHopefully you’ve gained some new insights from this series of blog articles on wire harness manufacturing in Mexico. Certainly, there are numerous reasons for producers in the wire harness sector to consider their own Mexico manufacturing footprint. But what are the additional benefits of launching your own Mexico operation with Entrada Group in Zacatecas? How does everything tie into Entrada’s integrated Manufacturing Support Platform?

The Wire Harness Sector and Entrada Group’s Manufacturing Support Platform

Entrada’s numerous, longtime clients within the wire harness category are able to take advantage of all the benefits of Entrada Group’s Manufacturing Support Platform. Once they establish operations at the Zacatecas manufacturing campus the support is immediate. The platform and Entrada’s 200+ support professionals provide all necessary general and administrative support our wire harness clients need to be successful. With decades of deep Mexico manufacturing expertise, the process is seamless.

Specifically, Entrada Group’s Manufacturing Support Platform ties together the manufacturing campus, corporate infrastructure, facilities, startup and shared services center. All of this combines into one powerful, integrated ecosystem that drives client growth. Entrada is responsible for all non-production-related support for our clients. We also serve as the legal entity of record. This frees our clients to focus on high-quality production. It allows them to take advantage of economies of scale they could never realize on their own.

Support Benefits

Key benefits of Entrada’s Manufacturing Support Platform, for manufacturers in the wire harness sector:

  • Bundled Shipping: Entrada clients benefit from daily trucking to the U.S. border. At a per-pallet cost that is much more affordable than third-party alternatives.
  • Faster Startup: There is sometimes pressure to transition to Mexico quickly. Therefore wire harness manufacturers appreciate that Entrada enables them to set up their own Mexico production in a fraction of the time a standalone launch requires. We employ more than 6,000 people as part of a shared community with aligned interests. This gives our clients greater collective strength than they would have on their own. In addition, we can also build new facilities to suit your needs, permitting total flexibility and scalability for your growth. We provide full-service, customized facilities management, and support includes design and preplanning, facilities construction and maintenance. This also includes 24/7 park security and management of special projects. In doing so, a company’s startup phase within the wire harness sector can be completed in as little as 90 days.
  • Shared Services and Facilities: Our Manufacturing Support Platform provides all of the general and administrative services you require to run a successful wire harness manufacturing facility. We also continuously invest in how services are delivered, giving you access to more advanced processes, efficiencies, expertise, standardizations and specialists than you could afford on your own. In addition, our continuous investment provides access to better infrastructure, technology, processes, and personnel, and delivers economies of scale and enhanced buying power. Entrada is flexible and scalable, to support the growth needs of the wire harness sector.
  • Mexico Expertise: Entrada has subject matter experts on all facets of Mexico manufacturing. Most importantly enabling clients to draw on a wealth of knowledge they could never attain on their own. Investment in continuous improvement keeps Entrada’s experts abreast of ever-changing trends and requirements in the industry.
  • Full Mexico Compliance: Entrada assumes responsibility for all legal, tax, union, governmental, environmental, health/safety and other compliance requirements in Mexico.
  • Fast Track Import/Export: Entrada’s difficult-to-obtain certifications from the Mexican government entitle all clients to shorter wait times at the border and other first-priority privileges.

Simply put, Entrada Group’s Manufacturing Platform enables international manufacturers within the wire harness sector to quickly grow and run their own production within Entrada’s manufacturing campuses. This operational model Entrada provides strategically lays out the business framework and administrative infrastructure required to do business in Mexico.