Whitepaper: Total Cost Structure and a Vision in Mexico for Medical Device Makers


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Whitepaper: Total Cost Structure and a Vision in Mexico for Medical Device Makers

Mexico is the leading medical device manufacturer for imports to the U.S., ahead of Ireland, Germany and China. According to industry analysis, Mexico’s annual equipment and supplies exports reached$9 billion in 2018.

Why is Mexico so attractive? Because like any medical device manufacturer in the U.S., producers in Mexico have to follow stringent production protocols, ensuring medical device manufacturers in Mexico are fully compliant and produce FDA Class I, II, and III products—which are subject to the same safety regulations as those made in America.

Our whitepaper, guest authored by John T. Cecilia, who is a former manufacturing executive with a large multi-national corporation with experience in healthcare manufacturing in the US, Mexico, Central America and Eastern Europe, examines in part:

  • Mexico’s attractive foreign business landscape– reduced freight costs and fuel surcharges
  • Supply Chain and Commercialization Costs– the length of the total supply chain (manufacturing origin to end customer) impacting customer service and time-to-market requirements for new product introductions and/or modifications.
  • Business Climate– which maquiladora business model works best, labor and raw materials costs

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Medical device manufacturers in Mexico have several competitive advantages, including close proximity to the U.S; the presence of highly skilled Mexican engineers and technicians who are able to make orthopedic devices, surgical equipment and catheters; and the country’s overall lower labor costs compared to China, Singapore or parts of Europe. On top of that, add Mexico’s philosophy as an open trading partner, and it’s easy to see why the country is so competitive in this sector.

Some of the opportunities Mexico offers for medical device manufacturers are pharmaceutical production, testing and quality assurance, equipment and supply manufacturing. Essential high-tech products made in Mexico include anesthesia equipment, defibrillators, electrocardiographs and surgical lasers.

Formedical device manufacturersseeking to capture marketshare with a Mexico production footprint, evaluating “total delivered cost” is critical.

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