Wire Harness Manufacturing in Mexico

Shortage of labor and tightening margins

These are the two greatest challenges we hear from wire harness manufacturers, time and again. Fortunately, the combination of Mexico and Entrada Group offers a solution.

More Than A Conventional Shelter Company

Entrada offers wire harness manufacturers a base of operations with available and cost-competitive labor you will not find in other regions of Mexico. You bring your production resources and knowledge; we reduce your costs, minimize risk and allow you to focus on growth.

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Learn how our plug-and-play platform works, why we have the answer to your labor shortages, and the cost for your future Mexico operation.

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The Key to Staying Competitive in North America

Learn how Mexico provides the competitive advantage wire harness manufacturers are looking for.

Mexico Wire Harness Manufacturing Fact Sheet

Discover strengths, opportunities, and challenges of Manufacturing in Mexico. 

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