Newly Launched Entrada Group Learning Center Underscores Access to Training, Certifications and Continuous Improvement in Manufacturing


Newly Launched Entrada Group Learning Center Underscores Access to Training, Certifications and Continuous Improvement in Manufacturing

Key certifications such as IPC 610 and 620 plus management training will be delivered onsite, to maximize efficiency and accessibility for Entrada clients

April 14, 2021 (Austin, TX) – The manufacturing labor force in the US will have 2.4 million jobs to fill by 2028, according to The Manufacturing Institute. Mexico provides manufacturers a strong alternative, offering US proximity, cost-competitive production and an abundant, youthful workforce.

Without ongoing professional development, however, Mexico’s workforce will fall behind and its advantages will erode. To ensure its clients stay ahead of the game, Entrada Group announces the launch of the Entrada Learning Center, an extensive training program exclusively for its clients. The Learning Center will enable Entrada’s clients to offer a range of professional certifications and training programs, facilitating a culture of continuous improvement.

Entrada Group, which for two decades has been guiding global manufacturers in establishing and running their own Mexico operations to enhance global competitiveness, launched the Learning Center late in 2020; IPC 610 and IPC 620 certifications were the first courses offered. Entrada will add the IPC J-STD-001 certification by mid-2021.

Wide-Ranging Benefits of a Well-Trained Workforce

It’s common for a manufacturing training program in Mexico to be delivered offsite at a location requiring travel and production downtime for workers. With the Entrada Learning Center however, workers from Entrada client companies receive training onsite at the manufacturing campus in Zacatecas. This makes training more efficient and enables workers to stay up-to-date with industrywide manufacturing standards and best practices. A well-trained worker is also more likely to stay longer with their employer.

“Ready and well-prepared talent is essential for any successful manufacturer,” says Raul Cabada, Director of Operations for Entrada Group. “It is our vision to accelerate the competitiveness of our clients, and training is a key element toward that goal. Our two current certification programs, IPC -610 and IPC-620, for instance, enable our clients to maximize production efficiency.”

Management and Lean Trainings to Come

The Entrada Learning Center’s two IPC certifications are the first of many to be introduced this year. In addition, Entrada will offer both hands-on and management training programs, ranging from high-level Lean Manufacturing and Flow to soldering and wire stripping. “The Learning Center will offer leadership skills for supervisors and managers, and prioritize industry-specific skills for workers on the production floor,” says Cabada. “Ultimately, our goal is to understand the needs of our clients and deliver the courses and continuous improvement they need to maximize the efficiency, quality and safety of their operations.”

About Entrada Group

Entrada Group guides international manufacturers in establishing and running their own Mexico production. Our manufacturing support platform, staffed by the experts at our Mexico manufacturing campuses, assumes responsibility for all your general and administrative services, reducing cost and risk, and generating long-term growth.

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