Eastek International Corporation Sets Up Mexico Manufacturing with Entrada Group – During the Pandemic


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Eastek International Corporation Sets Up Mexico Manufacturing with Entrada Group – During the Pandemic

US-based global contract manufacturer turns to Entrada’s plug-and-play manufacturing support platform to shortcut the hassles of establishing Mexico operations

March 8, 2021 (Austin, TX) – At a challenging time when many manufacturers are scaling back or putting expansion plans on hold amid ongoing pandemic uncertainty, contract manufacturer Eastek International Corporation announces the launch of Mexico operations, at Entrada Group’s manufacturing campus in central Mexico.

Entrada Group, which for two decades has been guiding global manufacturers in establishing and running their own Mexico operations to enhance global competitiveness, recently finalized the multiyear agreement for strategic manufacturing support (General and Administrative) services with Illinois-based Eastek, which plans to launch Mexico production early this summer.

Mexico Complements Existing Global Production

“If you want to compete in today’s global economy,  you cannot let a pandemic slow you down,” says Dave Vrioni, President and COO of Eastek, which now has production locations in the US, China, Malaysia and Mexico. “Eastek is very experienced with global production, we value geographical diversity of operations and we knew a presence in Mexico would be essential to support growth. Equally important, we made the strategic decision to work with an experienced partner like Entrada Group, which enables us to setup and run our own Mexico facility without lengthy delays or risk, and without ceding any control of production or quality.”

Entrada’s unique plug-and-play manufacturing support platform handles all non-production-related support for its clients in Mexico. This means Eastek doesn’t have to spend the time, energy or resources on its own to establish and develop its first Mexico facility, setup all required infrastructure in the country and meet all compliance obligations. As an Entrada client, Eastek benefits from the wide-ranging support of Entrada’s platform – including managed services, HR, import-export, trade certifications and all “Mexico know-how” – that would typically only be feasible for a company of much larger size.

Best of All Worlds

A nearshore US presence also helps manufacturers like Eastek mitigate risk and be closer to customers, mirroring a growing global trend. “Many manufacturers around the world are examining their reliance on production in China and exploring alternatives,” says JP McDaris, Entrada’s Director of Business Development. “With tariffs, intellectual property risk, supply chain delays and day-to-day hassles of production in China, many companies are developoing a ‘China plus one’ strategy that offers greater flexibility with less risk. Mexico offers the best mix of customer proximity and cost-competitiveness that the Americas can offer, hands down” he adds.

About Eastek International

Eastek International Corporation is a US- based, owned and, operated Contract Manufacturer. Since 1990, the company has been providing world-class manufacturing services from Design for Manufacturing (DFM) support through distribution with a global footprint. As a vertically integrated contract manufacturer, Eastek delivers electromechanical sub-assemblies and complete custom products, specializing in Printed Circuit Board Assembly, tooling, turnkey assembly and more. Eastek is trusted by many Fortune 500 companies that require manufacturing for complex, low and high-volume production worldwide.

About Entrada Group

Entrada Group guides international manufacturers in establishing and running their own Mexico production. Our manufacturing support platform, staffed by the experts at our Mexico manufacturing campuses, assumes responsibility for all your general and administrative services, reducing cost and risk, and generating long-term growth.

For more on Mexico’s strengths for electronics producers, download our Mexico Electronics Manufacturing whitepaper.

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