Axiom Strengthens its Commitment to Central Mexico Manufacturing with a Five-year Lease Extension through Entrada Group


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Axiom Strengthens its Commitment to Central Mexico Manufacturing with a Five-year Lease Extension through Entrada Group

October 17, 2013 (Austin, Texas) – Axiom, a joint venture between Wisconsin-based fishing rod manufacturer St. Croix Rods and Rapsody, Inc., has agreed to a second five-year lease and shelter contract extension with Entrada Group in their central Mexico manufacturing facility, located in Fresnillo, Zacatecas. The agreement offers Axiom new growth opportunities, as they begin to produce fishing rods for the online and private label markets.

The company’s Zacatecas location not only offers Axiom access to cost-competitive labor, it helps introduce new topline expansion. “Manufacturing in central Mexico gives us a strategic advantage not found in other global production locations,” said Bob Penicka, President Axiom Industries. “The area offers an excellent quality work force and outstanding transportation infrastructure. Our presence in Mexico also enables us to explore new opportunities in the North and South American markets.”

Axiom’s decision to extend the lease was also based on central Mexico’s growing international reputation for quality and flexibility in manufacturing. “We had concerns about the quality levels of our previous manufacturer and transparency issues with our overseas suppliers,” Penicka added. “Central Mexico offers higher quality manufacturing and reputable suppliers, as well as the flexibility we need when it comes to adjusting to seasonal swings in demand and managing the introduction of new products and technologies.”

Axiom’s Fresnillo facility produces a wide range of fishing rods and enables comprehensive design capabilities that support their unique customer requirements. Their agreement with the Entrada Group includes full-service facilities management within Entrada’s state-of-the-art industrial park, as well as comprehensive access to the full support of Entrada’s shared services center, which handles HR and recruitment, payroll, finance, transport and logistics, IT and more. 

About Axiom:

Axiom is a joint venture that is owned and operated by St. Croix Of Park Falls, LTD., and Rapsody, Inc. The principals are Paul Schluter, President, St. Croix, and Bob Penicka, President, Rapsody Inc.  Established in 2007, Axiom began operations in their Fresnillo, Zacatecas, Mexico factory in 2008.

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