Accelerate the Growth of Manufacturers in Your Portfolio

Mexico and Entrada Group for Private Equity:
The Fast Track to Enhanced Value Creation

If you have a midsized manufacturer in your portfolio or are looking to add one, Entrada Group is your perfect partner. Our nearshore manufacturing solution offers the best of all worlds, because we are not contract manufacturers. Our solution enables manufacturers to take a shortcut to their own production facility in Mexico, with less cost and risk. 

    • Startup in months not years
    • Drive strong EBITDA improvements
    • Enhance enterprise value multipliers
    • Reshoring: strong Asia alternative 

We have supported scores of manufacturers over two decades in Mexico. Let Entrada Group accelerate the growth of your investment.

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Increase Profit With Reduced Risk

Increase Profit with Reduced Risk

How can you add Mexico to your Value Creation Plan? Start by downloading our guide.

Mexico: The Fast Track to Private Equity Value Creation

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