Video: Inside Entrada Group’s Mexico Manufacturing Support Platform


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Video: Inside Entrada Group’s Mexico Manufacturing Support Platform

Benefit from Mexico manufacturing, with less cost and risk. Our Mexico manufacturing support platform supports manufacturers of all size, across multiple industries. (Register for our monthly webinar to learn more)

It’s Time to Embrace a Mexican Manufacturing Footprint

You’ve made the decision. Mexico manufacturing is right for your company. You need new markets, a cost-effective offer, and you know your competitors are leveraging Mexico.

But that’s easier said than done. Where do you even begin with subcontracting? Or even operating as a standalone? And what about location? And the issues of unknowns?

There are the issues at the Mexican border; startup and administrative costs; understanding and adapting to Mexican culture; navigating Mexican compliance. You need a proven and simple route to establishing a speedy startup and minimizing risk all while giving you absolute control while putting production in your hands.

Entrada Group guides international manufacturers in establishing and running their own Mexico production. Our manufacturing support platform, staffed by the experts at our Mexico manufacturing campuses, assumes responsibility for all your general and administrative services, reducing cost and risk, and generating long-term growth.

The Entrada Manufacturing Platform supports small- to mid-sized manufacturers in multiple industries such as automotive, aerospace, industrial, medical, electronics, and heavy transportation. Entrada’s platform works for your business behind the scenes, so you can focus more on high-quality production and growing your business.

Today’s Entrada’s client employs more than 6,000 workers throughout the platform.

Our five pillars offer facilities, manufacturing campuses, managed services, startup coverage and corporate infrastructure, allowing the manufacturer to focus on its core competency. In each pillar the platform leverages scale through the campus for each individual client. A gamechanger for small- to medium-sized companies to compete against their larger competitors.

Don’t trust this video alone. Come see the platform in action for yourself. While the opportunities are abundant, suppliers contemplating Mexico need to act fast, as OEMs are looking to fill immediate supply demands. In the end, for companies looking to improve productivity, reduce operating costs and access new markets especially in the Americas, expanding to Mexico is the right solution.

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