Download Entrada Group’s 4-page white paper to answer your three key questions regarding Mexico manufacturing:

  • How will Mexico contribute to our growth?
  • How much will a Mexico facility cost?
  • What are our risks if we get it wrong?

Entrada Group, a leader in Mexico manufacturing for over two decades, wrote the PDF whitepaper, “Why An Accurate Cost Model Could be the Difference between Success and Failure in Mexico”.

After reading this paper, you will:

  • Understand Mexico’s risks and hidden costs
  • Learn how a Mexico production footprint will support your growth
  • Learn why a cost model is the essential first step toward your own in-country facility
  • Gain insight into the costs of production facilities in different regions of the country

This paper is written for C-level manufacturing executives. Even small-to-midsize producers can benefit from a Mexico footprint — if you have the right guidance.