Harnessing Mexico’s Cost Advantage

When the difference between success or failure can be a matter of just a few dollars on the hour, small and mid-size wire harness manufacturers are establishing profitable operations in central Mexico and gaining a competitive advantage. But how do you get there without too much cost and risk?

These resources below can get you started. Then fill in the form at left or contact us directly, and we’ll follow up with more specific information on how our Mexican manufacturing campuses can put you on the fast track to new growth. Your tailored cost model, to project costs for your Mexico facility, is the first step.

“Harnessing Mexico’s Cost Advantages” infographic

Mexico Manufacturing Cost Models
Our Clients: 2500% Growth Need Help Getting to Mexico? (98 second video)


About Us

For nearly two decades, Entrada Group has been guiding manufacturers from around the world in establishing their own operational footprint in Mexico in order to provide a competitive advantage. Entrada’s turnkey system offers a fast track to the benefits of Mexico and allows our clients to fully focus on growth. Through Entrada’s near-border and central Mexico manufacturing campuses, along with the support of our shared services teams, manufacturers are able to meet their Mexican corporate obligations, minimize costs and lessen exposure to risk.