VW Mexico Reaches Production Record

Volkswagen’s history in Mexico began with its arrival in 1954 as part of a major auto exhibition within a large German industrial trade show. The auto show took place at the then recently inaugurated Ciudad Universitaria (University City) in the southern suburbs of Mexico City, a world famous architectural complex and World Heritage Site based on a UNESCO declaration. The exposition was a success and Volkswagen initiated its activities in Mexico. The Volkswagen sedans, later popularly known in Mexico as “Vochitos” (bugs), began as imports from Germany. Former President Lazaro Cardenas purchased one of such vehicles and traveled from Mexico’s Federal District to his birth place of Michoacan. The press reported that he was treated as a “Man of the People” driving a Car of the People.” Volkswagen started production in Mexico in 1964 in Xaloztoc, State of Mexico.

In 1967, it began production in its Puebla plant and its first unit rolled off the line the same year. In 1980, Volkswagen’s Puebla plant announced it had produced one million automobiles. Volkswagen Mexico now reports record total production in Mexico of nine million units. Its models include a Beetle with a Denim Blue color, which has gained great acceptance in the United States.

The German manufacturer reached the nine million unit Mexico production mark just two years after hitting the eight million unit Mexico mark in May, 2010. Such growth has been possible thanks to increased capacity for production of the new Jetta model. Volkswagen de Mexico has posted new historic annual production records at the close of 2011 with 510,000 units. Currently it assembles 2,500 units per day, which puts it in first place on the ranking of automotive plants in North America, based on its unit production volume. Currently the most produced model at the Puebla plant is the Jetta, which, in its different versions, has reached a total of four million units produced. The Jetta is the bestselling Volkswagen in Mexico and the United States. Volkswagen de Mexico also manufactures the classic Golf SportWagen and Beetle at the plant.88% of Mexico production is destined for export markets around the world.

Source: Mexican Automotive

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