Total Cost Savings | Benefiting you from every perspective

For our many valued clients across North America, Entrada’s unique solution delivers value far beyond Mexico manufacturing costs savings. Locating and operating your business outside the US can drain significant management time and resources and, herein lies the key reason why our solution is so attractive; it produces dramatic Mexico manufacturing costs savings while keeping you free to focus on your company’s growth. The Mexico manufacturing costs savings include:

    • Advantageous Labor Environment

      In contrast to higher-cost, high-turnover border facilities, Entrada’s strategic locations feature a labor force that is stable and reliable – complete with direct labor whose burdened cost can be up to 50% the cost of near-border metro areas. Additionally, our Mexico manufacturing cost-controlled environment – ensures the same class of pay across our entire client base.

    • Shared Overhead

      By sharing overhead, including key support and supervisory services, you’ll enjoy powerful economies of scale that add up to strong Mexico manufacturing cost advantages with both short and long-term benefits.

    • Industrial Park & Facilities

      Entrada’s industrial park and facilities provide the flexibility and scalability you need to operate your Mexico manufacturing operation with true efficiency. Because the infrastructure is already in place, there’s no need for you to make an investment of your own. Plus, it enables you to rapidly reach full speed with your production initiatives.

    • Smooth Transition

      Entrada’s approach allows you to transfer your production much more quickly and economically than had you attempted the process on your own – helping you realize Mexico manufacturing cost savings and competitiveness much faster.

    • Local Relationships

      Our established local relationships also help reduce Mexico manufacturing costs in that we negotiate preferred prices and programs with local vendors and state and local governments.

    • Energy Savings

      Central Mexico boasts a year-round temperate, low-humidity climate that virtually eliminates the need for heating and cooling. Over time this results in outstanding Mexico manufacturing cost savings.

    • Continuous Investment

      As you grow, Entrada, through continuous investment and improvement, is positioned to keep you on the cutting-edge of low-cost manufacturing in Mexico – providing you with capabilities, strength and reach that will help successfully extend your presence in the global marketplace.