How does it work? | Economically. Quickly. Simply.

Your organization provides the material, equipment and machinery, and the manufacturing system and processes.

Entrada provides the legal infrastructure, recruits a dedicated workforce, including directs and indirects, operates the shared services center, develops and manages the industrial park and dedicated facilities for your Mexico manufacturing operation.

Who does what on a day-to-day basis?

You manage manufacturing systems and processes with a client-selected Plant Manager and production staff.

Entrada supports your Mexico manufacturing by providing and managing the shared services daily.

What is the Entrada solution going to cost me?

Entrada’s standard fee and cost structure for manufacturing in Mexico works as follows: Our philosophy is to keep it simple. On an Entrada invoice you will typically find one or more of three types of charges:

  • Shelter fee: This fee covers Entrada’s overhead and profit. It is tied to the hours worked per week by the client’s dedicated workforce in the Mexico manufacturing facility. The fee rate rises and falls weekly per the volume of client’s work.
  • Facility fee: This fee covers the monthly occupancy costs and is based on square footage used.
  • Reimbursable and/or pass thru expenses: These are expenditures made in Mexico by Entrada at the request of our clients.

"Entrada has made us believers. We were on a tight timeline and without a signed agreement, Entrada started building the facility and assisting us in developing a highly skilled workforce to build steel brakes for our aviation clients."

- James Williams | Executive VP & General Manager Meggitt Aircraft Braking Systems Akron, Ohio

That’s it. Simple and transparent. This is how we work every day to be a seamless extension of your Mexico manufacturing operation.