Entrada Solution | An Important Mexico Manufacturing Shelter Operation

Today, leading companies are transforming their industries and capturing a competitive advantage with low-cost offshore Mexico manufacturing operations. Many of these companies have tried to secure all of the offshore Mexico manufacturing benefits of their own, but more of them are seeing that the challenges of global competition require new strategies, business models and alliances.

Many management teams do not want to outsource their core Mexico manufacturing systems and processes—they want to retain control of their production and their own unique corporate culture. They want to do it quickly without overtaxing their existing management team. They want to do it securely without taking on unnecessary risk and over-committing resources. And while their requirements may currently only include the North American market, they want to be able to quickly and efficiently seize the opportunity to supply clients in other regions.

Entrada specializes in making this approach not just a concept, but a reality. With us, you manufacture in Mexico under a U.S. contract and enjoy a truly integrated service that allows your management to focus its time and resources on running your core business. You concentrate on production, quality and your clients. Entrada takes day-to-day responsibility of all the country risks along with local and cross-border business functions that are necessary to support your Mexico manufacturing operation.

More importantly, with Entrada lower cost does not mean low quality.
We put an appropriately skilled, highly dedicated workforce at your fingertips—complete with a turnkey system that allows you to be up and running with your new offshore Mexico manufacturing operation in as few as 90 days.

This is the true evolution of a shelter services program. This is the Entrada advantage.

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