Podcast: What’s Behind Mexico’s Ongoing HR Challenges


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Podcast: What’s Behind Mexico’s Ongoing HR Challenges

Mexico’s corporate culture is in many ways vastly different from that found in the US or Canada, according to Jesus Mendoza, President of the Bridge Consulting Group, who we interviewed for Entrada’s latest podcast on human resources in Mexico. Mexican workers, for example, expect a close, personal relationship with their boss and vice versa. The environment is closer to that of a family or second home rather than a workplace, Mendoza says.

Since the landscape is so different in Mexico this can create some human resources challenges when an international manufacturing company expands their operations to Mexico. The many challenges of recruitment, retention, training and employee culture in Mexico (for directs, indirects and technical labor) are among wide-ranging human capital topics discussed in the latest podcast from Entrada Group.

In the podcast, Doug Donahue, V.P. of Business Development for Entrada Group, and Jesus Mendoza, President of the Bridge Consulting Group, explore:

  • Why Mendoza advises manufacturers to set up operations in Mexico’s interior rather than near the US border
  • The advantage in geography and population density Mexico’s interior states have over near-border states
  • Some unique peculiarities of Mexico’s workplace, such as an onboarding process that might take three times as long as in the US or Europe, that foreign employers need to be educated about
  • How to retain your workforce talent by developing a company culture in which they can grow and build a successful future career
  • How large OEMs successfully adapted their company culture from the home office and applied cultural components to their Mexico operation in a way that fit Mexico.
  • Where to look for young educated and skilled labor and the challenge of searching for skilled senior engineers who are bilingual
  • Initiatives you can implement within your company culture to better your employees for stress relief and overall better health

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