Case Studies & Whitepapers

Entrada Group’s case studies detail how clients have succeeded with Mexican manufacturing operations, realizing cost savings and topline growth. Whitepapers examine best practices on specific topics.

  • Mexico, the second-largest electronics exporter to the U.S., is well-known globally for production of many essential electronics products: flat-screen TVs, computers, smartphones, appliances and more. Less obvious is the fact that the large OEMs producing in Mexico face a shortage of trusted, proven, in-country suppliers. Overall, Mexican exports to the US are comprised of 40% […]

  • By now, the strengths of Mexico manufacturing are widely known: growth into new markets, proximity to U.S./Canada markets, free trade agreements, an educated and youthful labor force, and cost-competitive operating costs. If your company is contemplating Mexico to support future growth, you likely have common questions: What type of Mexico operation best matches our needs? […]

  • The Entrada Group examines the Peso’s long-term devaluation impact from three perspectives: an economist view; a company’s view and a worker’s view. Entrada Group, has been proving automotive suppliers to the International OEMs and Tier 1 manufacturers such as BMW, VW, Audi and the like in Mexico, a production/manufacturing footprint for decades, and deals with […]

  • Ever since the Mexican peso crisis of 1994, the value of the peso against the US dollar has been sliding. For manufacturers considering setting up shop in Mexico, the longtime trend presents competitive advantages over other countries. But it also brings concerns and complications that no manufacturer should ignore. A newly released whitepaper examines this key area […]

  • “Mexico’s Automotive Manufacturing – Incentives & Barriers” sought opinions of automotive manufacturing companies that are both already in Mexico as well as opinions of those not currently manufacturing there, to look at common barriers. Entrada’s survey found that while a Mexican automotive supply base is essential, respondents remained concerned about security, lack of “Mexico know-how,” […]

  • Despite auto OEMs investing more than $35 Billion in new or expanded production facilities in Mexico throughout the past 15 years, inconsistencies remain for the country’s supply base. A newly released whitepaper examines this key area of concern in Mexico’s auto manufacturing sector that may hinder its future development and expansion. Fill out the information below to download […]

  • An open-trade philosophy, proximity to US, South American and Canadian markets, and cost-effective and highly-skilled labor are all factors in favor of Mexican manufacturing. Despite growing awareness of these advantages, many manufacturers have hesitated to establish their own production footprint in the country. In 2015, Entrada Group conducted original survey-based research of automotive manufacturers, that are […]

  • With margins tightening and competition intensifying, automotive manufacturers of all sizes are under pressure to minimize operating costs without sacrificing product quality or operational effectiveness. As a result, many are exploring cost-effective manufacturing locations. For many companies, Mexico has emerged as one such potential location. The survey sought opinions of companies that are both already […]

  • Elastomer Solutions, a portfolio company of mutares AG, wanted to establish a production footprint in Mexico in order to better support its customers’ North American operations. The Europe-based supplier of custom polymeric components discusses how it established its Mexico operations in order to ensure that it remains close to its customers – some of the […]

  • Many companies aren’t aware of the importance of performing a cost modeling exercise or lack the in-house skills required to make accurate projections for a cost-competitive country like Mexico. This new whitepaper from Entrada Group outlines how a proper cost model analysis can set companies on the path to success in Mexico manufacturing. The paper explores: Cost […]