Report: Mexico’s Automotive Manufacturing – Incentives & Barriers

With margins tightening and competition intensifying, automotive manufacturers of all sizes are under pressure to minimize operating costs without sacrificing product quality or operational effectiveness. As a result, many are exploring cost-effective manufacturing locations. For many companies, Mexico has emerged as one such potential location. The survey sought opinions of companies that are both already in Mexico as well as opinions of those not currently manufacturing there, to look at common barriers.

This report from Entrada Group, a US-based company that helps manufacturers quickly establish highly productive operations in Mexico, is based on a web survey of auto manufacturers conducted late in 2015. Respondents were asked about their priorities and experiences, as well as their perceptions about operating in Mexico. Collectively, their responses illustrate some common perceptions about Mexico that don’t always match the reality on the ground.  We hope this report furthers your understanding of the opportunities and challenges Mexico presents.

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