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As a leader in the Mexico manufacturing industry, the Entrada Group works closely with many of the top experts and brightest minds in the field. We are proud to be able to bring you their insights and experience about Mexico manufacturing through a continuing series of informational audio interviews hosted by Doug Donahue, Vice President of the Entrada Group.

Total Cost Structure and a Vision in Mexico

“If I were looking at a product where I could source more than 50% of my raw material locally, that would, in my mind, open up other interior locations as being more potentially competitive.”

– John Cecilia | Manufacturing Consultant

John Cecilia is an independent consultant, working with manufacturing related companies. He is the former director of global manufacturing for Kimberly Clark Corporation, Healthcare Sector. He spent 27 years with the company and at that time, set up and led manufacturing operations in North America, Central and Eastern Europe.

His whitepaper created for Entrada Group explains why it is better to source medical supplies or devices offshore, specifically from Mexico.

Major reasons include rising costs in healthcare in the US, the need to reexamine competitiveness as more global markets open up, and emerging markets.

John also discusses how to approach choosing a location in Mexico, naming the total cost structure as the strongest underlying factor.

  • Sustainability to move regulated product from country to country, region to region
  • Risk analysis
  • The reliability and complexity of the supply chain
  • The overall business plan

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