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As a leader in the Mexico manufacturing industry, the Entrada Group works closely with many of the top experts and brightest minds in the field. We are proud to be able to bring you their insights and experience about Mexico manufacturing through a continuing series of informational audio interviews hosted by Doug Donahue, Vice President of the Entrada Group.

Things manufacturers should think about before moving to Mexico

“What you save in Mexico is time, delivery, just-in-time or hand-to-mouth concept and lower inventories. And the larger the volume, the more advantage there is.”

– Jerry Brochin | President of Brochin & Comapany

As the former head of manufacturing for Sony – Mexico, Jerry has over 40 years of success operating in the offshore environment.

Jerry explains due diligence on planning a Mexican operations.
He discusses:

  • Evaluation of cost savings
  • Differences between border and interior locations
  • Working with foreign currency

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