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As a leader in the Mexico manufacturing industry, the Entrada Group works closely with many of the top experts and brightest minds in the field. We are proud to be able to bring you their insights and experience about Mexico manufacturing through a continuing series of informational audio interviews hosted by Doug Donahue, Vice President of the Entrada Group.

The World of Contract Manufacturers

“Many large companies today no longer have the ability to manufacture the products that they sell. They come through the contract manufacturer.”

– Randall Sherman | founding partner and president of New Venture Research

Randall specializes in contract manufacturing and outsourcing management consulting services. New Venture Research reports on the Electronic Manufacturing Services industry are among the most widely quoted in the industry.

Randall discusses the latest developments in contract and their relationships with OEM manufacturers around the globe.

  • The efficiencies of using contract manufacturers
  • When OEM’s become contract manufacturers too
  • How to choose a contract manufacturer

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