New Daimler Plant Inaugurated in Saltillo

President Felipe Calderon inaugurated a new Daimler plant in Saltillo, Coahuila, which will produce up to thirty thousand Cascadia trailer trucks per year for sale in the United States, Canada and Mexico. Such plant meets the strictest worldwide environmental standards and will employ one thousand seven hundred workers. The President stated that Mexico is a strategic location for the industry’s global production and an attractive destination for investment because it is situated in a privileged geographical area and is the only emerging country with competitive costs due to its direct access to the world’s largest economy in the United States. Daimler Trucks Mexico invested more than three hundred million dollars to build the new tractor trailer assembly plant, in addition to the investment of suppliers, which amounts to approximately one hundred twenty five million dollars. Daimler Trucks will double its production capacity in Mexico, which will total almost half of the trucks it produces in North America. Construction work on Daimler’s new plant started in January 2007. The new plant will produce Cascadia models, branded as Freightliner, which are recognized as revolutionary Class 8 tractor trailers built from an entire new platform, which also offers significant savings in fuel efficiency.

“We are truly a global company and our priority is to ensure the company’s health in the long run, for all of us that integrate the company in one way or another. Our decision to situate this plant in Saltillo makes good business sense for our company,” said Roger Nielsen, Operations director for Daimler Trucks, North America. Andreas Renschler, member of Daimler AG’s Board of Directors and responsible for Daimler Trucks, mentioned that at the time his company was about to open its plant in Saltillo, he heard people who could not believe what he said, especially in such a difficult time for the transportation industry and the economy in general. “I’ll have to admit it, I don’t understand much Spanish, but when I told people that we were about to open a three hundred million dollar plant in Mexico, in the middle of the worst economic crisis our industry has seen in decades, I often heard two words that I did not find difficult to understand: ‘Very Crazy!’ Let me assure you that our strategies are just as solid today as on the day we started to plan this facility some years ago,” stated Renschler. He also stated that Daimler Trucks’ Saltillo plant will be the main example of the company’s Global Excellence Program, which aims at attaining global success as a company, the efficiency of a lean manufacturing company and to continuous innovate as an environmentally-friendly company. The Governor of the State of Coahuila, Humberto Moreira, attended the inauguration of the new plant, and said: “This (Daimler Trucks) is one of the most important projects in the region. It strengthens Coahuila as a development center and as an attraction for additional investment.”

Source: Mexican Automotive

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