Mexico’s Advantages More Solid than a BRIC

Commentary by Doug Donahue

A recent New York Times article by Thomas Friedman, “How Mexico Got Back in the Game,” highlights how Mexico is taking manufacturing market share from Asia and topping the BRICs in terms of promise, attracting enormous global investment in areas ranging from automotive and aerospace to medical devices and household goods. While the Friedman piece speaks for itself and I hope you read it, it is encouraging to see mainstream media recognition of Mexico’s strengths, something we, at Entrada Group, and our clients have known for a while.

We have created an infographic, “Mexico’s Advantages More Solid than a BRIC” that details Mexico’s manufacturing advantages. Did you know Mexico exports over 34% of high-tech products in the manufacturing sector, more than double the share from Brazil? Or that Mexico has 24% market share of the North American automotive parts import market, more than triple China’s output? And that fully fringed, entry-level, direct labor costs in central Mexico can approach $1.40 per hour?
I hope you have a chance to download the piece.

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