Mexican Manufacturing Upgrade At Tavex Plant

The world’s largest denim producer, Tavex Corporation, is primed to create an even greater impact on the stretch denim market. With the installation of their new Monforts Montex 6500 machine, Mexican Manufacturing operations out of their Tiaxcala plant will pump out even more of the cloth destined for U.S. markets. After acquiring Acotex denim company just four short years ago, Tavex is now shipping a whopping 90% of their Mexican denim production from two plants to the U.S., thereby optimizing their proximity to America. They also have a plant in Puebla, Mexico, along with facilities in Spain (their headquarters), Morroco, Brazil and Argentina.

Since stretch denim is the largest volume trend in the world market today, it only made sense for Tavex to invest in the Monforts machine, having knowledge and maintenance expertise from others in their production group. Adalberto Avendano, dye and finishing manager at Tiaxcala, stated that “our familiarity with Monforts meant that we were happy to invest in a Montex to extend our production range,” adding that the “Montex 6500 has features which make the machine particularly suitable for denim manufacture,” thereby eliminating several production steps. Avendano further explained that Tavex’s goal is to emulate premium European stretch denim while making it readily available to U.S. markets through boosting Mexican manufacturing at their Tiaxcala facility. The plant currently operates on a 24-hour schedule, with two 12-hour shifts running Monday through Thursday. Tavex currently produces over 20 million meters of denim annually from their Mexican plants.

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