Mexican Manufacturing Companies Expands Again

Mexican Manufacturing Companies continue to expand their presence with the advent of yet another automotive parts supplier plant opening in central Mexico. Janesville Acoustics has opened a 90,000 square foot facility in Celaya and is slated to produce nonwovens and composites for the automotive and transportation industry. Their new plant is ideally located to supply products to the already robust yet expanding automotive industry in Mexico’s central region. Janesville president, David Cataldi, stated that they “recognize the value of manufacturing and supplying products in close proximity to our customers”.

Janesville’s new facility in Celaya marks the second endeavor to position product accessibility to other Mexican manufacturing companies in the automotive region. Cataldi further indicated that as Mexico’s global footprint expands so, too, will Janesville’s. Established in 2000, Janesville’s original plant is located in Uruapan, also centrally located. The leased Celaya facility cost $4.5 million and the company is projected to hire 150 employees, with 63 people already on staff. The plant will manufacture acoustical products and a nonwoven felt line as part of the Marabond line, using compression molding and water jet trimming equipment.

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