Mercedes Benz Plans to Double Sales by 2020 by Manufacturing in Mexico

Bruno Cattori, President of Mercedes Benz in Mexico, recently stated in an interview Mercedes Benz’s intentions of opening yet another manufacturing plant in Mexico this year. With this, Mercedes Benz Mexico plans to promote Germany internationally and increase its production capacity in North America.

The Mercedes Benz Mexico executive continued to explain that the automaker is experiencing a huge surge in demand and is building the new plant to cover the international market’s appetite: “Last year we built a new factory in Europe and one in the United States, and both plants are working at maximum capacity, but we still need additional supply, so the company needs to build another [plant],” he said.

As automakers around the globe struggle to cope with currency fluctuations, more and more auto brands are considering manufacturing in regions where they enjoy the bulk of their sales. For Mercedes-Benz, manufacturing in Mexico is an obvious first choice due to the renewed strength of the U.S. luxury segment as well as its proximity to emerging Mexican and South American markets.

In order to become the leading brand for high-end vehicles in the premium sector, Mercedes will need to double sales from 1.26 million units, explained Head of Mercedes Benz cars, Dieter Zetsche, in a recent interview with Germany’s Manager Magazin. The new manufacturing plant in Mexico will play a key role in Mercedes Benz’s plans to double its current sales by the year 2020.

Source: Source: Mexico Today

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