Mercedes Benz To Boost Efforts As Manufacturer In Mexico

Mercedes Benz recently announced plans to double sales by 2020, increasing its output as a leading Manufacturer in Mexico through a new facility there. Mercedes President in charge of Mexico’s sales efforts, Bruno Cattori, stated the company’s intention to boost production internationally. As such, the company has developed an increasingly cost-effective strategy of aligning production closer to markets they serve. The new Mexican facility is in keeping with recent plant construction in the United States, as well as their current facility already working at maximum capacity to produce vehicles for the Americas region.

Near shore vehicle manufacturing has been a strategic response mitigating against currency fluctuations and optimizing proximity to sales outlets within the global marketplace. Demand for high-end luxury automobiles has surged and Mercedes Benz intends to lead this category as a manufacturer in Mexico by 2020. Hence their efforts for a second plant that is expected to provide product for sales of 1.26 million cars by the end of the decade. As mentioned earlier, the facility built this past year in the United States, along with the new facility in Europe and a second in Mexico will generate automobiles to satisfy demand and meet their sales goals.

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