A Manufacturing Company In Mexico Growth Trend Continues For May

As a sector group, on average a Manufacturing Company In Mexico continued with a pattern of ongoing expansion for the month of May, according to Markit Economics and HSBC banks’ most recent statistics released. The manufacturing PMI, or seasonally adjusted purchasing managers’ index, was 55.2 for the month. Notably, any PMI over 50 ranks as an expanding sector, while a PMI lower than 50 indicates decline. May’s 55.2 PMI is slightly lower than April’s 56.3 figure though.

Significantly, however, as an economic sector representing a manufacturing company in Mexico, the increase in new orders in general occurred at the fasted rate since April, 2011. This dramatic increase was driven principally by stronger demand and winning new clients. With new order increases, production output was up markedly during the month of May even in the face of a three-month slower rate of growth overall. Additional increases for the month include more employees hired, a surge in input prices, as well as cost burdens being effectively managed by companies by passing them on to clients through output prices.

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