Central Mexico Manufacturing Region

Central Mexico Manufacturing RegionCentered between Mexico City and the U.S. border is the growing heart of Mexican industry. Together, the central states of Guanajuato, San Luis Potosí, Aguascalientes, Querétaro and Zacatecas are home to hundreds of international and domestic manufacturers. The large skilled population base, exceptional suppliers, and its key location have combined to make Central Mexico an appealing, diverse and dynamic manufacturing region for international companies.

Pop. 5,675,000
Guanajuato is hands down one of the fastest growing manufacturing centers in Mexico. In close proximity to “the golden triangle” (Mexico City-Guadalajara-Monterrey) where 60% of Mexico’s population lives, Guanajuato has the largest workforce in the region, with 30,000 engineers alone.

San Luis Potosí
Pop. 2,409,000
San Luis Potosí’s diverse manufacturing base includes several hundred international manufacturers in the automotive, medical, steel and aerospace industries. GM has recently completed an assembly plant here. You will find suppliers of machining, forging, stamping, castings and finishing processes including metal plating and painting.

Pop. 1,065,000
Aguascalientes is home to Nissan’s principal assembly plant in Mexico and a large number of automotive suppliers. Electronics is also a major industry here with plants operated by major players like Flextronics. Aguascalientes boasts first rate universities situated in a city with incomparable urban planning. including numerous government developed industrial parks.

Pop. 2,000,000
Thanks to its proximity to Mexico City and major sea ports, Querétaro has developed into an important industrial hub. It sits at the junction of Mexico’s road, rail and telecommunications network, strategically situated along the so-called “NAFTA Highway.” For their expat executives and accompanying families, foreign manufacturers appreciate Querétero’s
extensive foreign community, wealth of international schools and quality of life.

Pop. 1,520,000
Industry in Zacatecas came alive ten years ago with the establishment of three Delphi plants and the construction of Corona’s largest brewery. Then with the establishment of the Entrada Group operation the area has grown to include diversified manufacturers in automotive, medical, electronics and aerospace industries. Recently, Triumph, a large aerospace company from the U.S., announced that they will begin manufacturing in Zacatecas. Due to Zacatecas’ smaller manufacturing base, operators in this area benefit from a very competitive cost structure.

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