About Zacatecas

About Zacatecas CampusFor more than 14 years, Entrada’s initial manufacturing campus has been located just outside of Fresnillo, a city situated within a population corridor of some 500,000. Only 35 miles northwest of the capital Zacatecas, it can be reached easily by air from U.S. and Mexico City. Zacatecas’s strategic location enables our clients to successfully serve their customers throughout North America and Europe, as our current clients do.

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Our Fresnillo manufacturing campus is close to U.S. and Canadian markets and within an eight-hour drive by tractor trailer to Laredo, Texas, and the U.S./Mexico border. The area is home to a diverse industrial supplier base and the workforce is stable and reliable in contrast to the highly transient workforce of most border locations. Further, our fully burdened labor costs are typically 50% of those you’d find on the border.

Boasting eight technical schools and eight universities, Zacatecas’s educational system creates a consistently outstanding labor force, with many experienced technicians and managers available from Zacatecas and the surrounding region. These labor benefits enhance your production quality while supporting a vibrant bottom line.

Safe, Modern and Culturally Distinctive

Colonial city Zacatecas, with a population of approximately 500,000, is one of the most beautiful cities in central Mexico. Thanks to the city’s splendid history and architecture, the UNESCO declared it a World Heritage Site.

Countless historic, religious, civic and cultural buildings can be found along the city’s European-style urban layout along narrow streets, alleys and plazas. Just outside the historic center of the city you will find modern shopping and conveniences. Zacatecas is clean, safe and comfortable for North American staff and visitors.