Less Migration to US as Mexican Economy Improves

Commentary by Doug Donahue

According to studies by the Pew Hispanic Center (and as mentioned in this article) migration from Mexico to the US has been net zero since 2007, a trend that shows no sign of changing. But what’s behind this shift?
One of the major reasons is that the Mexican economy has improved tremendously – the so-called Aztec Tiger is one of the world’s few bright spots – and GDP growth in Mexico is higher than in the US while unemployment is lower. And while I would probably dispute the article’s contention that unemployment in Mexico has gone down dramatically (the country’s unemployment data is notoriously unreliable) there is no doubt that opportunities in Mexico are more plentiful these days.
I have seen this personally, at our manufacturing facility in Fresnillo in the central Mexico state Zacatecas. There are Mexican nationals who possess the right to work in both the US and Mexico who are opting for Mexico now because the future is brighter. In our facility, we have initiated a campaign to attract Mexican nationals working in the US to return to Mexico and work in Fresnillo. This effort has resulted in the hiring of several direct workers who speak fluent English, because they spent several years in the US, to join operations for our clients. People vote with their feet and they follow promise wherever it leads them.
Source: Kentucky.com

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