Have a manufacturing company in your portfolio?
Think you’ve pushed all the buttons and pulled all the levers to increase equity value?

Think again.

Entrada Group helps manufacturing companies gain an advantage by developing and implementing a sustainable, cost-competitive Mexico production strategy.

We are not contract manufacturers.

Entrada Group will help your company quickly and efficiently launch Mexico operations.

Your plant. You run it. We just help you do it better.


Here’s how:


“After first evaluating our options in China, we went through an extensive search of different sites in Mexico to determine which location would be most cost effective and reliable for our clientele. As cost is an important variable in our clienteles purchasing process, we wanted to choose an area and business model that would provide us with a sustainable cost structure. We are confident that our Fresnillo location [in the Entrada Group manufacturing park] will pay dividends for us and our clients for years to come.”

-Bob Penicka| President Axiom Industries