Efforts To Manufacture In Mexico Increased By Schlemmer

Plastics auto supplier, Schlemmer USA Inc., recently revealed an intention to Manufacture in Mexico an increasingly more diversified product line, including entering the plenum cable market. According to VP for NAFTA region, Rajiv Iyengar, material trials on products used in the construction industry show significant promise due to greater-than-normal flame resistance. Iyengar further indicated that while Schlemmer has no intention of abdicating its corrugated tubing business serving the automotive industry, it is looking to expand both products and industry diversification overall. “I’m focusing on areas that are non-automotive and automotive areas where we can become a major player,” say Iyengar.

In fact, Iyengar went on to say (we are) “trying to push ourselves into ecotech solar products” by providing a comparable tubing product similar to that sold to the automotive sector. Iyengar provides management and oversight for both the U.S. production facility in San Antonio, Texas, as well as what they manufacture in Mexico with their company operating for over 15 years. Both facilities have grown dramatically recently, with a new factory in Mexico manufacturing product in a 50,000 square foot plant. Iyenga goes on to say “when I took over this (Mexico) plant it had only six extrusion lines…now we are up to 11,” adding there are plans to increase it by four by the end of the year.

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