Companies Manufacturing In Mexico

Another U.S. company expands in Mexico. After adding 27,275 square feet to their Tijuana, Mexico facility, Suntron Corporation is well-positioned to increase capacity of its integrated electronics manufacturing systems (EMS) and embedded computing solutions. One of the longest U.S. Companies Manufacturing In Mexico, Suntron has been operating there for 25 years and with the increased square footage, will further generate even greater capacity to manufacture products used by the high-end medical field, along with other industries Sunton’s products serve. All told, the added space will now provide a total of 106,000 square feet, which includes a fully operational clean room.

The plant in Tijuana provides “high mix, high reliability electronics manufacturing services,” according to the company. For years, Suntron has excelled in producing printed circuit board assembly, harnesses and cables, and full boxbuild as one of the leading electronics companies manufacturing in Mexico. With the increased space, the company will add large scale systems and integrations services, in addition to the clean room capabilities. Suntron de Mexico Plant Manager, Rod Gunther says that “by adding large scale integration within our low cost regional facility in Tijuana, we are positioning ourselves for future growth and a new capability,” adding, “the additional space will help us better serve our customers, particularly those who are looking to manufacture in a lost cost region but desire to be closer to home.”

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