White Paper – Why An Accurate Cost Model Could be the Difference between Success and Failure in Mexico

EntradaWhitepaper_Thumbnail copyMany companies aren’t aware of the importance of performing a cost modeling exercise or lack the in-house skills required to make accurate projections for a cost-competitive country like Mexico.

This new whitepaper from Entrada Group outlines how a proper cost model analysis can set companies on the path to success in Mexico manufacturing.

The paper explores:

  • Cost Planning – An overview of elements included in a cost model and insight into the types of costs manufacturers should plan for
  • Average Total Operating Cost – Insight into costs in Mexico
  • Benefits of a Cost Model – Why it’s essential to perform a cost model – and the risks you incur if you don’t
  • Tailored Analysis – How each cost model must be customized
  • The Cost Advantages of Mexico – A review of the factors that make Mexico cost-advantageous compared to other global manufacturing locations.

These topics and more are covered in greater depth…click here to download.