Why Are the Leading Automakers Investing in Mexico? And Why Are US Suppliers in Need There?



As recent headlines have shown, Ford Motor is bullish on Mexico’s auto sector. Of its 11 new car plants built in North America since 2011, nine are in Mexico.

Of course Ford is not the only global OEM in Mexico, and all automakers in the country have cited the need for a more robust Mexico supply base. As our latest white paper (download it below) shows, Mexico’s supply base, particularly at Tier 2 and Tier 3 levels, needs help.

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To learn more about Mexico’s strengths driving OEM investment as well as the processes most in demand within Mexico’s auto industry – where Mexico most needs help – download our Auto Supplier opportunities white paper. Or feel free to contact us to learn more about Mexico manufacturing and Entrada’s turnkey system to long-term growth.

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