Automobile Manufacturing In Mexico Gains Again With Ford

Manufacturing In Mexico will pass yet another milestone with Ford Motor Company’s recent announcement to expand its Hermosillo plant in northern Mexico, increasing production of the Fusion and Lincoln MKZ models. Ford will invest a whopping $1.3 billion in the facility, that’s on top of the already $10 billion invested over the last 10 years. The stamping and assembly manufacturing functions at the Hermosillo plant will add 1,000 new jobs to its already 2,700 member workforce.

Ford Motor Company’s President for the Americas, Mark Fields, indicated that “Ford is making a significant investment in this facility and a significant commitment to the employees here…..” Fields went on to add that the manufacturing in Mexico production will “….transform our vehicle lineup for customers throughout North America…. (producing)….three of the company’s newest vehicle models: gasoline, hybrid, and hybrid vehicles…while meeting consumer demand.” Mexico’s President, Felipe Calderon, is reported to have said that Ford’s manufacturing in Mexico efforts have raised their competitiveness, further indicating it could contribute to Mexico moving from 5th to 4th place as a global vehicle exporter.

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