Our Clients | Experiencing the Entrada Difference

Our clients tell us that they’ve learned a lot since they started manufacturing in Mexico. They are surprised at how many things they just didn’t understand, and how operating under a manufacturing shelter agreement saved them a tremendous amount of money, time and frustration – and even more so with the help of Entrada Group as their manufacturing shelter.

Here are a few things our clients have discovered:

There are so many advantages to locating farther south, away from the border. Some of our clients have had direct manufacturing and shelter manufacturing operations in other Mexico locations, including border cities. Before they moved to those border cities, they weren’t aware of some of the disadvantages. High employee turnover rates are at the top of the list of drawbacks, costing manufacturers a good portion of their potential savings. Another major disadvantage is the low quality of life, especially for their American staff. Many border cities have a high crime rate and, put quite simply, are not enjoyable places to spend any amount of time.

Current Clients Specialty Industry
Axiom North America Fishing Rods Outdoor recreation
Cable Manufacturing & Assembly Co. Mechanical Cable Assembly & Controls Medical, auto, marine
dlhBOWLES Washer nozzles Automotive & commercial
Elastomer Solutions Industrial Moulding Automotive
Electrex Inc. Wiring harnesses & Cables Construction equipment & off road
FUBA Automotive Electronics GmbH Automotive Reception Systems Automotive
IEC Holden Inc. Coils & Windings Transportation, industrial and power
Kauffman Engineering, Inc. Wire harness & marine cable Automotive, agriculture, & commercial
MC Assembly Electronic manufacturing Services Medical and industrial
Meggitt  Aircraft Braking Systems Brake systems Aircraft
Pacific Insight Electronics Corp. Electronic & lighting control products Automotive, heavy truck & marine
Plastomer Corp. Flexible polyurethane foam Automotive
Premium Sound Solutions Automotive audio & video Automotive
Sentral Group Wire harness and cable Transportation, industrial, and aerospace
Telamon Steering wheel components Automotive