About Us | Strength where you need it most

Securing and empowering your Mexico manufacturing future is what Entrada Group is all about. From every perspective, we offer you trusted experience and leadership. Our offshore manufacturing model ensures you reap the greatest benefit of manufacturing in Mexico—also referred to as the Maquiladora industry—all while operating within the framework of the U.S. legal system.

You will be able to initiate Mexico manufacturing operations quickly and profitably without actually establishing a legal presence there, and without making many of the expenditures typically associated with such start-ups. While minimizing risks and costly first-time mistakes, your Mexico manufacturing destiny also stays firmly in your control.

Through a combination of our Shared Services approach, Entrada’s on-site offices and the co-location of its clients in one shelter park, you gain truly powerful economies of scale that add up to strong cost advantages with both short and long-term benefits:

  • Entrada’s fees and costs are very competitive because it can operate efficiently and with scale due to its clients being co-located in one park.
  • Entrada can offer support services that others can not because they only make economic sense in a centralized environment. Services such as consolidated freight, recruiting, security, facility and park management are all made possible.
  • Entrada can continually add new support services because of its clients co-locating in one park. These services include infrastructure improvements such as fire protection and telecommunication systems as well as preventative healthcare services.
  • Entrada’s clients have immediate access to Entrada’s personnel, now over 200 people strong, process excellence and extensive support resources.
  • It is this convergence of our shared services approach, on-site offices and a shelter park that allows the streamlining of key production functions and capabilities that allow you to manufacture in Mexico with the ultimate in efficiency and effectiveness.

Going even further, Entrada also continually invests in itself with people, systems and new technologies—all of which translates into sustained low costs and consistent high quality to our Mexico manufacturing clients.