SunPower, A New Manufacturer In Mexico, To Produce Panels

A new Manufacturer In MexicoSunPower will begin production on solar panels once leased space is secured in the Mexicali area.  The company is looking for approximately 320,000 square feet in which to manufacture several products including high-efficiency crystalline silicon photovoltaic cells, roof tiles and solar panels.  SunPower’s silicon all-backed contact cell technology was initially developed at California’s Stanford University.  Since then, they have  opened offices in Australia, the United States, Japan, and several European countries.

With their entry as a manufacturer in Mexico, SunPower positions itself to satisfy increasing demand from the North American market and, as such, expands its intended upstream vertical integration plans for the United States.  Their expansion efforts will serve residential, commercial and power plant needs in several key areas.  With their close proximity as a manufacturer in Mexico, SunPower will produce high-efficient panel series E18, E19 and E20, with additional production in the Mexicali facility being devoted to T5 solar roof tile systems.

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